World Tour

The first time in World history a Symphony Orchestra travels performing the music of only one Composer.

This tour is special

We will promote tour not just for regular concert-goers, but a tour for the general everyday person. It will attract all kinds of people, young and old, who do not usually go to classical music concert but will see this as something different, exciting, bold, outside of the establishment. We like this presented not to the classical music section of the media - but to the news pages of the media, the celebrities media, present this as if a pop concert tour.

Primous Fountain World Tour.

Fountain takes off where Stravinsky finished...

To the USA, To Europe ,To Jamaica …

Image of Orchestra's on their journey.

Quotes For Primous Fountain.


Gheorghe Mustea

Decorated with the highest distinction of the Republic of Moldova - title of “People’s Artist” for his rich musical activity as a conductor, composer and professor.